Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Sunday Sip [ 19-25 April 2015 ]

There are times which are meant to achieve something big, to feel something unusual and to explore something completely new, you are in such times right now.Such a strong planetary configuration is rare and indicate more than amazing time. Make intent and do whatever it takes, you will be surprised how well things can unfold. Trust your inner voice, you are into that special zone where everything will work in your favor and that too in classic style.Phenomenal time.

Desire, desire and more desire is what you witness in these times. Either some new wish will take birth, some old desires will reach its fulfillment or some long term dreams will appear in soil of your mind. You feel so engrossed and deeply attached to some person/s ,object/s or simply loving yourself and these aspects induces danger of overindulging and neglecting what really matters .Make sure that present wave of passion doesn’t dent your long term goals.

One word, brilliant times. Choose what you want, make a detailed plan and go about it .Beauty of this week is that it is equally potent for all areas .If you want to have fun, you will get more than what you ask for. If you party, there are no boundaries where you need to stop .If you want to work, you will get real stuff where you can apply your mind and derive joy and satisfaction of completion .Milestone week for finances and generic affluence. Do not hold back yourself, destiny is in your favor by all means.

Out of all signs, your sign seems to be extremely blessed right now. It’s like a dream week where everything seems to be in your reach. New beginnings are seen .New heights will be achieved and great level of joy and satisfaction will be derived. This is not an ordinary week, no not at all. Think beyond your logical mind and aspire for something phenomenal .It’s those times when miracle happens and life surprises pleasantly.

This is time to take advantage and plan your long term goals. Time offers you crystal clear insights and deep meaning of things present themselves in front of you. You look calm and composed and finely balanced in all aspects. Your ability to go deep and talk sense will make you shine like a star. Grace and blessings from planets indicate truly mesmerizing times. This is not usual week, this is the week which will transform something in and around you for sure. Choose what you want, heavens are ready to grant your wish.

This is the week to perform, act and achieve what you want. Lot of commotion in your life makes this week interesting and full of events. Travel, fun with friends and general good will about you is sure to keep you totally engrossed. Good time to start something new or taking a well-deserved break from your usual life style. Basic theme of this week is to squeeze out maximum from work or have maximum fun and if you can balance it well, then best of both. An extremely potent week ahead for you.

Your intuitive powers are at their best now and this week is high on some great insights. In more generic sense this is very good week to introspect, plan and make a move. Time now is very balanced and in fact more than brilliant to make things straight. Good time with family, friends, and lot of travel is in sight. Those looking for starting something new, wait no more it’s time to jump into action.

Many of you are going to shine in whatever you do. This trend will take the shape of rewards, recognition in your work and increase in business and your network. These time are absolutely lovely and will push you immensely wherever your intent wants to take you. Love, romance and passionate moments with your loved ones is theme of this week. New beginnings and and travel too makes this week extremely interesting and exciting.

You are at your creative best and your expression and power of your thoughts and words can amaze many. This immense rise in clarity of thought and action is something which you should utilize and make some important decisions. Decisions taken right now will help you grow in your desired direction. A very good week to set your goals, make detailed plans and then jump to action. The beauty of this week is that it holds potential for any and everything, all you need is strong intent and desire.

You are reaching a milestone point in your life. Fulfillment of some long cherished wish leading to real happiness in you is seen. Family, friends and core matters of your life will come in focus and planetary configuration indicates joy and celebration. If you are in search of something or want to achieve anything which your heart cries for, this is the time to stand up and deliver. Rise to occasion and put your best, results are certain to fall in your favor.

Despite slogging at work your week shows great amount of joy and celebration .Fun and frolic is deeply infused in these times and your family becomes your strongest support. Support not just from family,some of your very close friends and acquaintances will also come forward like never before and contribute in your growth story. This is week to realize what is important and who really stood by you. This realization is certain to leave you more finely bonded with the people who actually matter.

Everything seems within your reach and there is uplifting atmosphere around you. Though finance, family all seem in shape, this is not really the best what these time offer to you. The best of this week lies in your inner domain where you are sure to feel rise in creativity .New insights will hit your mind and you would be able to make logical connection between events. This is time to introspect, which is what this week offers in most astonishing way. Trust your intuition and gut feeling, it cannot be wrong this time

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