Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Sunday Sip [28th June - 4th July]

What you are feeling currently is not part of visible world, rather limitations exists within yourself. Classical and timeless wisdom that its attitude which matters in reality applies to you in toto this week. Look out, talk to people around and trust your courage, sometime it needs more than security and logic to move ahead,sometimes it takes the giant leap of faith. Your family is your rock solid support right now so open up with them. Apart from confusions in your mind, everything around you seems to be absolutely fine.

You are well poised to take some of the key decisions which are going to yield good gains in future .Financially this week can be turbulent and it’s a phase of ups and down, which you need to bear with grace. Time is more than brilliant for expanding your reach and for utilization of your talents for the best. Think of what you want to achieve, make a workable plan and get go. Its time to be hopeful about future rather than getting stuck with present hassles.

It’s a world full of possibilities, you are on the run. But the most critical point is that some part of yourself is not involved in whatever is going around. You are not feeling complete and are lost somewhere. You know you have opportunities lying in front of you, but you are not present in totality. Still time is fine for finances, for happy atmosphere in family, though at work delays and slogging can be experienced. At present you need a much firmer approach. Your intentions are absolutely perfect but needs your whole engagement.

Your rational approach is fine but do not stretch it beyond a limit. Its seen that owing to your run for logic, you can miss some of the important opportunities. If you care about something or someone, then show it explicitly. Living the emotion deep within and leaving the expression part behind can cause many confusions. Your personality looks charming and you will see its impact everywhere. Much love and support will come through your partner. All is well around you, just let your mind loose.

Trend of previous week intensify. More travelling, intense expenses and greater work of charity and compassion is the theme of this week. You are sailing smoothly with all kinds of affluences with you. Help, suggestions and valuable guidance come from all places. Financially it’s a good phase, though continuous expenses will not let you feel the abundance you have right now. Mood swings is something which you need to bear with. Good week ahead, continue your good work, success is all around you, just keep your intentions noble.

It’s a week for achievements. You feel strong, determined and much focused in whatever work you do. You feel repulsed with your family and like to remain isolated, on your own. You don’t want to be bounded by any rules or any suggestions, rather you want to go on your own, all alone. Getting focused at work is laudable, but there is a fine line between determination and obsession which you need to keep in your mind. Financially a brilliant phase, you seem unstoppable and kind of magnetism in you will be simply irresistible.

Opportunities come to you and you feel the change, though its going to remain very hectic for you, but thats how things are for you this week. Financially things are not very encouraging at the moment, but things are going to change very soon for you. Take support from people around you and going into isolation will not help you. Keep your aggression under control and make sure to leave your inhibitions behind. Change, big change, is standing on your door, don’t get overwhelmed by it, rather its time to be part of it.

Taking care of your finances is foremost thing you need to do. Spend wisely, this week could be high on unplanned expenses. Also this trend is actually not restrained to money, rather it applies to your resources as a whole. How well you utilize your time, energy, aggression, contacts all are under cloudy state. You are prone to excess in everything and finding balance is seeming difficult for you. Apart from internal struggle, time is good for learning, fun, travel and getting exposed to contrast which would lead to accumulation of wisdom.

Time is good as far as spending time is concerned, money matters look good and so does the overall wellbeing. You feel intuitive and get many insights. Spending time in isolation will not feel lonely, rather you will love the calm and wisdom that you will gain in moments of solitude. The biggest challenge and concerning area of this week is to maintain peace with people having different opinion than of yours. Use your aggression for the right purpose. Don’t be too much bothered about what people are saying about you.

You are nicely placed at the moment. You have aggression, a sense of balance and are practical to the core. Tough tasks doesn’t scare you, as you are determined deeply. Your weak health and issues now and then can trouble but your strong spirits can take on anything now. Good time for family, love life and finances. Its good time to plan and decisions taken now will yield good results in future. A finely balanced week ahead.

Rely on your own abilities and do not look for any help or Divine intervention. Time is slow for opportunities to come and you have to push yourself. Things will change soon and actually you are standing at the critical junction where your old inertia has to be left behind and you need to prepare yourself for the future. Great work pressure or simply the stagnancy at work can kill your soul leading to excess aggression which will also show up in your behavior. Go easy, and don’t lose hope.

Everything seems to be in your reach, this is a brilliant week indeed. Your planets indicate strong sense of individuality and you feel responsible deep inside. Rise in creativity continues and your mind is extremely receptive right now. Not just the intellectual mind, your inner mind too is active which will give you deep insights, so trust your intuition .Trips, travels and much engagement within your social circle is seen. It’s a week full of possibilities, keep your intentions strong and aim high.

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