Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Sunday Sip [11 - 17 October]

This week brings right perspective to you which indeed is going to be key. You would be able to see things as they are and not in their inflated forms. Phase of fear, suspicion and speculations ends leaving a platform where you need to work sincerely. More responsibilities at work needs to be taken up and issues in your family life also needs attention. You are going to remain engaged and the biggest takeaway this week is to think less and work more. Derive joy from accomplishment of your goals and drop looking for shortcuts.

Practical problems and issues in your family and work life will take some time to settle down but the best part of this week is clarity at the level of your inner mind. You realize that its worrying about the issue which bring more fear rather than issue itself. Slowly a sense of command comes back to you where you will see things as they are without attaching elements of fear and suspicion. Do not get ignited by small and meaningless fights at home. Seeing the bigger picture should be your goal.

You are slowly gaining the consciousness. Your mind is going to come out very gradually out of sloth and mess. Your level of confidence increases in small steps. What you need to do is to take each bit one by one. You will be required to remain social and many travels, trips and gatherings are seen in coming times which will require a portion of your time. Discipline and a sense of sacredness for your work and family is your key this week. Maintain a healthy routine and conserve your energies which are easy to get distracted. Good week to fuel your spirits.

Confusions clear and your inner state becomes stable relatively. You come to terms with people around as phase of conflict and suspicion is now over. It’s time to feel things and derive joy in real sense. It’s time to pamper yourself, shop ,have fun and do all the things which bring joy. This week is good for healthy socialization, short trips and partying hard. Financially you are feeling secured and more than money, it will be feeling of overall stabilization which will give you real security and sense of freedom. Good times ahead.

You feel stronger, much more dedicated and your focus will impress many. These are very good times to take up responsibility and show your mettle. You are fierce, very enthusiastic and dynamism is what describes you at this moment. Financial worries now fade away as better phase sets in. Your relationship with your partner and family improves and overall a harmonious atmosphere is seen in coming days. You make plans, look forward and in fact are nothing short of a visionary. Live this beautifully aligned period and march ahead with pride.

Desire to gain balance strikes your conscious mind and this week stands for your come back in main stream life. You start to realize your responsibilities and become aware of what is wrong with your approach. Focus comes back in present which will enable you to work on real things. Trend of travel, shopping and fun continues through but you now take part in everything with cognition of your precise role in them. Your efforts to gain balance and control will give you results gradually. Keep doing what is right for you, coming times indicates complete normalcy in all aspects.

You seek Divine blessings and best part this week is that you indeed will get them. This is the week where some complications will start to resolve and you will gain better clarity about many aspects. You seek resolution, you adjust your nature and approach to gain a sense of balance. This week sets a trend where you will see the way and primarily it’s time to work on long term goals. Financial concerns might stay for some more time but things are going to get normalized in coming weeks. Stay hopeful and see the bigger picture which is definitely getting bright now.

This is a good week where you will witness much relief and blockages in many areas clears. Your financial worries will proceed to resolve. There is much help seen coming your way from all direction and only concerning area is your resistance. You need to open up to allow good things to enter in your life. Whatever be your take and reaction, you are going to get limelight. You will need to slog and prove yourself at times which will result in establishment of your authority and much respect will follow. Follow healthy routine and do not neglect health at all.

Your equation at work and in personal relationship improves giving you chance to focus elsewhere too. You will be required to look into many pending matters this week and much seems to be happening in your life at the moment. Trend of travel continues and you now seem in relaxed mood owing to resolution of some complex issues. This week is good for getting a sense of balance back and only area where you need to remain conscious is how you spend your time, money and other resources. Do not kill time, rather stand up and utilize good alignment in your favor.

This is the week where normalcy will start to return gradually. The highlight of this week is dawn of blessings on you so if you are planning to reach to Divine in whatever way you do it, this week is the time. You want to see the bigger picture and make long term plan which is indeed best part of this week. There is lot of relief that is stored down the line and whose whispers will start to appear now and then. Do not trust people at work blindly. Remain conscious about your health too which can go messed up when neglected.

Complications seems to go down now but gradually only. You feel slight relief and your health too is set to improve but time still doesn’t allow you to take life casually, be it work, your health or your relationships. There is huge amount of desire and ambition in you and you want to achieve something big. Results of what actually gets accomplished this week will strictly depend on how much focused you are in your own life. Once you define distractions and become immune to them, this week will reveals its best to you.

Some relief is stored for you in this week as your equation with your partner or in your love life in general eases out. Though at work, things continue to intrigue you and overdose of work can annoy you. These are the times to show your mature side as things are not going to ease out by mere wishing. It’s time to face challenges and be sincere in completion of your duties .The greatest joy and sense of relief will come via sense of pride in what you are doing. The best part of this week is that despite all this, you would be able to find lighter moments and laugh it away.

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