Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday Sip [ 8 - 14 Nov]

This week brings a strong message for you; be ethical in your work and in your approach in personal relationships. How dedicated, morally upright and responsible (for your actions) you are will decide the feel of this week. You can either avoid shortcuts, ignore dangerous temptations and embrace sincerity and soberness else can lose yourself in momentary fun, impulses and pleasure and face serious repercussions later on. Having fun is totally fine if it doesn’t contradict any of your duty or your inner core is complete guilt free.

Emotional vulnerability and physical susceptibility is what defines this week for you. You are like open wound right now, protect and cover yourself. Yes, its fine to have emotional turbulence and confusions, they are part of life, but you should not let your wounds left open to all. Time will heal your worries for sure and what you need this week is to neglect small and petty affairs. Let be guided by bigger goals and feel contended by small things. Moving slow doesn’t means death, sometimes you just need to wait for the better time to strike. Stay hopeful.

Stay calm and composed and not let small things, matters of past or painful events bother you beyond a limit. Do not lose dignity in arguments and stay visionary while at work. Acting on your momentary impulse will bring pain only. Avoid temptation to indulge in fights rather busy yourself in work, travel and learning. This is slightly weak and sensitive time which can leave you more disturbed, emotionally. What you give attention grows should be your mantra this week.

This is pretty balanced week. On one hand you will see good atmosphere coming back at workplace and some celebration and joyous events coming up at home, your health, your friend circle and public relationship in general can suffer a low. There are indications for some turbulence in your social life and arguments, conflicts, ego clashes cannot be ruled out. Financial low can be experienced with some sudden expenses coming up. ENT area in particular needs to be guarded in coming times. Do not let your desires rule you blindly.

Take good care of your health and do not give attention to negative, dull or fearful thoughts. Such emotions will be temporary and will fade away in sometime, provided you do not give them power. Do not loose temper while talking to people you love. Put your point gently and cherish your relations. Pinpointing mistakes of others can cause storm in family life, so for the sake of happy times, neglect small issues. Travel is strongly seen in this week. Maintain healthy attitude and practice gratitude.

Its difficult to stay balanced but certainly not impossible. You are too fierce and aggressive at the moment but what really is concerning is your tendency to act blindly or with half knowledge. Do not get too impressed or motivated by someone blindly, apply logical thinking and think about long term when you take decision this week. You can experience low in finances, so spend wisely. Best take away this week is to be moderate and as gentle as possible in your approach, be it anything.

It’s a pretty average week for you where you need to take care of many points. Your health can be low and so that does your level of confidence. You can even feel dejected and threatened by some events occurring. Though what is most critical here is these all tendencies might not really manifest in physical world, but can bother you at the level of emotion body only. So what is needed this week is to see things as they are and not assume, fear or exaggerate. Personal life will gain balance. Best part is that despite all this, you are well placed to remain joyous and light.

You seem off balance right now. What is needed this week is not to fuel any controversies, not to say or do anything experimental. Be very stable in your thought process and stay aligned with secured ways. Remain grounded and totally logical. Its not the time to start new projects, rather conserve what you have. Do not get too pissed off by these temporary unsettling times, things will change soon and you should bring out best of your qualities this week. Travel is certainty, which may be propelled by something sudden. Do not get into verbal spat in your social circle. Remain centered and calm.

This is good week to take up more week and shine like a star. Planetary configuration looks best for you in all regards. Much more abundance, wealth, gifts are on their way. You become center point of attention and are displaying much dynamism now. Your confidence level is good but what is somewhat concerning this week is your inner state. You can overlook many things in your aggressive state of mind. Though you appear well placed this week, your emotional state can be turbulent. Practicing moderate behavior is the key.

Hectic travel with many twist or changes in plan is seen in coming weeks. This is time to stay grounded and not rely on your luck factor or leave anything for the last moment. At workplace things are looking just fine, though some tensions cannot be ruled out. If you think you are made to work like hell, just bear it with dignity as coming weeks will bring rewards for your hard work. Time for you is generally good for fun and frolic, though slight caution in the way you spend is needed.

Family matters, health of someone close and even yours and your relationships at work and with your partner are areas which can throw trouble to you. You should not be casual in your eating habits and disciplined routine is now must. Also your growing and wild aggression or your passionate run for your goals can burn you excessively. Remain focused and enthusiastic but in organized form. Travels are also seen but can become headache if not well planned. Your partner is your support, take advice from people you love.

While you would be able to control things at workplace with effort, things are looking quite challenging when it comes to balancing your personal and family life. You are seemingly too fierce and uncontrollable right now and what can become biggest obstacle is your rigid behavior and inflexible approach. Listen to what others have to say and be as inclusive as you can be. Taking risk and doing experiments in your relations can be your inner urge, temptations can be huge, be responsible in whatever course of action you adopt.

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