Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Sunday Sip [18-24] September 2016

Predictions are based on moon sign.

Quite welcome week for you with a new phase beginning with greater clarity and many issues now all set to fade away. Your health improves, you become much more aligned and dedicated for your goals in life. This phase now opens up trend of many travels, even long ones too. You get better support at work and things no longer seem intriguing to you. Some rise at work or simply some good news is on its way. At the moment what can trouble you are your own thoughts. Prepare yourself for much better days ahead.

Your desire and ambitions now take fierce shape. You get too bold and blunt about what you want and even how you want it. There is clear rise of aggression in you which needs moderation. There is nothing stopping you in doing what you want, you just need to work in gentle manner not letting your tremendous energy harm others. Do not expect people to work according to your instructions, work in inclusive sense and not with bossy attitude. This phase also needs you to be generous and very kind with your partner and with your family in general.

Much more energy and dynamism comes to you now but what is most intriguing for you is how and where you use this energy. You get decisive about certain aspects and much more work is seen with your intense involvement. You clearly seem dedicated about certain areas of your life and your passion will drive you now. There is still some need to think twice and not let impulsiveness take your logic away. Slowdown in the way you think, take time in arriving at decisions which matters. Plan well at the moment, rest implementation in perfect way looks assured.

This is very beautiful week for you as it is going to bring altogether new phase in your life. Your energies are ready to become aligned which means now you would be able to define what you want and implement it without any major resistance. Energy levels rises in big way. You are seen getting bold and decisive and much would be accomplished in times to come. There are some celebrations and joyous times aligned as well. Your time seems to be perfectly aligned for intense work, great pleasure, many travels and it also allows you to buy and gain many things of your interest.


A week for many changes for you and all for the good. Your confusions, inner restlessness and baseless fears now fade away and you enter in phase of greater clarity and much joy. Now your attention moves towards things which lies in front of you and you work in much more joyous manner without a split personality trait. Many gains and good inflow of wealth is seen but you will spend in equal amounts. This is phase to move forward leaving past behind. Best part of this week is dawn of peace in you and now instead of wasting your energies in frustration, you are seen to plan your goals and use your time, energy and resources in constructive manner.

You enter in phase of great responsibilities. You will be given more work and trend of travels and excessive socialization now ends. You are now required to work on top priorities of your work and your career seems to come in focus, but with some sudden developments making you uncomfortable. Also this phase needs you not to become impatient with many changes occurring. Do not lose your calm. Use your dynamism at work and for things which needs your attention. Treat your loved ones gently and don’t pour your frustration on them. It’s time to reset your properties and work on them.

This is very welcome week for you. There are many changes lined up for you. Trend of losses and wasteful expenses now comes to halt and you now seen new work opportunities. The best change now is in your financial state which is now set to move up without major friction. You feel relaxed and clearly there is end of many contradictions. You feel decisive, get many new opportunities and also intense support from family and friends. Do not hold yourself any longer, jump into action, it’s time to take new initiatives and expand yourself without any limitations. Brilliant times sets in for you.

A week which is all set to initiative many new events for you. Work life becomes less problematic, your social life improves and in leaps and bounds and trend of travel also opens up for you. The best change lies in end of many contradictions for you and there is clear rise in your desires and ambitions which would make you plan many new things. Your energy levels look good and decrease in many troubles also allows you to have some serious fun. Travel, partying, shopping and what not, this week brings good vibes back to you.

This week brings a new phase in your life. There is end of many of your confusions and you somehow know what you need to do and now you actually make a move. You are seeming to develop go getter kind of attitude. New and very positive changes appear at work; new job opportunities or expansion/rise is seen now. You are filled with new enthusiasm and some events in family life and support from family members will make you feel secured and hopeful. Financially, you enter in phase of abundance. Much pleasure, wealth and things of joy comes to you now. Apart from work, you are seen to socialize in very healthy way.
Your journey towards a stable life begins now. Improvement in work, rewarding situations and much more support from people around start pouring in, though some random events still are in insight making you tensed and concerned. Your aggression now calms down and you think more and show less. New opportunities in work are seen and better environment at home will allow some peace to dawn. You now make long term plans and indeed it’s time to reset priorities of your life in very decisive manner. Just keep a check on outflow of money and plan your day well before.

Things become much better for you. This week sets the trend of relief in work life and you are now in state to take control of your life. You are no longer in mood to be driven by wish of others rather you stand up and take control yourself. Now many new decisions of long term impact are seen. There is clearly rise in your aggression and you will not hesitate in taking bold stand. In deed it’s time to plan your life for long term and reset priorities. Trust your intuition totally and if you feel so, ask for help from Divine, in whatever way you want, you are sure to receive some insights in visible or invisible manner which would make you move ahead with strength.

Burden at work which was breaking you internally now melts down. This week sets in a much better and rewarding trend. You use your energies in much more effective manner and greater support is seen now. Many old matters at work and in family life now moves towards resolution and you feel as ease and better placed to tackle issues of your life. Greater energy, aggression and bluntness in your attitude is the highlight which makes you able to achieve whatever you aspire for. The best part now is your clear and very strong inner voice which is sure to bring you extremely valuable insights, be open and aware to receive them well.

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