Monday, 3 October 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 2 - 8 October 2016 ]

You finally get decisive on many fronts and indeed this week brings you total clarity in many aspects. You are in mood to take action and work place becomes more soothing for you with much more support coming in. Your health is also looking better. The best part now is your fierce determination which would help you gain mastery in whatever you intent to do. Time is also very brilliant for much love and happy moments in your family life. A streamlining week for you. March ahead.

Situation eases in your family life and you now come in mood for taking many bold steps of long term consequences. The best highlight of this week is relief in your financial state where you will see good signs of growth. Also this is beginning of new phase where you will find immensely creative ideas coming to you effortlessly. Make sure you are conscious enough to keep the worthy ones. Trust your inner voice which would make you realize your true worth in these times.

This is extremely welcome week for you. Many confusions, lack of focus, diffusion and wastage of energies now come to pause. This week marks new and very positive phase for you. You get decisive, get support from many places and your planning and approach starts to click well. Work life becomes much more aligned and you are now in mood to work in very dedicated manner. This is the week for rise in your conscious levels, this is your comeback and foundation for beautiful times ahead.

Trend of wastages and inner restlessness now comes to end. You now reach out people in bold way. Times are now aligned well to give you support from people in your life. Your social network, people management skills all come to focus in very strong manner. Trend of travels and intense socialization again sets up. Short and long term travels are now strongest pattern which will bring many pleasant memories. Also its time for steep rise in your creative abilities, make sure you are there to receive them well.

You feel very relaxed and happy. Many beautiful moments come in your life and specially your family, your home, is what is going to bring immense positivity. Some good news from family is sure to come to you cheering you up. Financially this is beginning of new phase and intense indulgence is seen in times to come. You earn, you shop, you party and you share with people you love. Charming times lies ahead of you.

This is your week. Finally, you are back in full form. Your level of energy, level of awareness and health all improves in bounty. This is your comeback time. You make new plans, leave old and rotten things and people behind. It’s time to look forward to many new work opportunities and also love life is looking all green. It’s time to make intention and get set going, nothing is now between you and your dreams.

This is very brilliant phase for you with Divine Grace being showered on you. You will see many troubles melting away and some good news uplifting your spirit. Your health and confidence looks stable and this week brings many new realizations to you. Also people from different areas will come to you offering their support and contributing in your growth story. Spiritual and religious pursuits will give you special results and time also shows many travel opportunities as well.

Situations eases in your life on many fronts. Your work place shows considerable improvement. The best part of this week is intense socialization. People from different walks of life will come to you offering their valuable advice and support to you. Your financial worries also start to melt away and some new and big work opportunities are aligned ahead. Don’t hold yourself back, go boldly in direction of your goals.

Many new events and subtle realizations lies ahead of you which would come to give you complete clarity in what you want and how you should handle events and people. This week brings in intense focus on work life where you hold potential to rise like a star. Also your family life and support from people you love will make you feel special and protected. Reduction in troubles and peace within will push you towards life that you aspire to live. Expand your reach and work life there is no tomorrow.

This is immensely important week for you. In many visible and subtle ways your life is now all set to change for the best. Confusions, pain and many hassles of past melt away and there is rise of tremendous determination in you to take command back and it happens now effortlessly. Trust your inner voice and don’t hold yourself back any more. Grab new opportunities and move towards a new life. Grace is now on you.

Protection is with you. You are under complex times where you seem to be losing control. Now this week brings back your awareness hence the command back. Good times for making a positive comeback in work, in personal life and also financial worries starts to melt down with new avenues opening up. The best part of this week is reserved for Spiritual aspirants and for the ones who are ready and receptive for listening to their sharp and valuable inner voice.


The week of relief is here. This week brings you better health, better clarity in your thought process and also clears up many conflicts and issues of past. Its starting of new phase of many travels, better bonding with partner and also for new work opportunities. Jump into action mode and when you feel something pulling you, go for it. In these times many coincidences will occur which would not be coincidences in real sense.

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