Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Sunday Sip [23 - 29 ] October 2016

Predictions  are based on moon sign.

Trend of travels, fun and lightness in your life does bring you many joyous moments. Slight caution is needed in your relationship with partner as some issues can crop and health of partner needs attention now. Some concern seems to get stuck in your mind, but don’t take it too hard. Give yourself time to arrive at decision as tight deadlines won’t work well. Best advice for you is to take things lightly and feel present joy freely and not let your mind run wild in search of more.

This week some expenses on health and family members can arise and time in general needs you to be more diplomatic at work. Don’t immediately show what you are feeling, rather filter them, refine them. You seem to be running out of patience and aggression has totally grabbed you. Allowing your lower ego to operate now can cause serious dents in many aspects of your life, so think about long term prospects when you speak and act. Be more logical and less emotional.

Disturbances which you are feeing right now can originate from your own behavioral patterns. You need to let go of some feelings and understand that you really cannot control everything. Health too seems slightly disturbing and needs continuous care .Don’t allow your lower self to dominate as allowing aggression to rule your nature will cause many issues in personal and family life relationships. Think well before you speak and its not necessary to show everything that you are feeling. Choose what you show and what to speak.

Trend of travel finds some pause but health of some family member can need attention or some family issue can arise needing your attention. Time is weak for your performance at workplace and you need more composed attitude currently to finish your tasks. At the moment you don’t lack in intention, energy or opportunities, its just that you can feel rebellious and full of resistance for no apparent reason, which when controlled, will result in peaceful existence and many pleasant moments in this week.

This week is mixed bag for you. Joyous moments with family, travels and healthy socialization and some serious work as well, all is stored for you. Best part here is that people will come to you offering their support. You need better care of your health as vitality levels seems low and you are prone for health issues. Keep your aggression under check and understand that you cannot rule others, so be open and relaxed in your people interactions.

There seems to be healthy vibes as of now and you are going to get much support and love from family and friends which will make you feel very secured. There are few concerns which are bothering you deep down, share them and don’t try to resolve them alone. Trend of travels is strong and many pleasant memories will be made in times to come. Use your aggression for healthy purpose, take big tasks first and don’t delay your action whenever needed.

You feel liveliness within you and much energy and enthusiasm is indeed given to you. Though in your joy don’t do or say things which you really don’t want or which actually lack substance. In the spate of moment, you can do things much below your standard which can embarrass you for long. Rest this week is good for generic fun and inflow-outflow of money will keep you occupied. Try to resolve conflicts, if any, with humbleness as your lower ego is on the rise which can be big spoiler for you.

Your work life and your generic routine seems to be in mess as of now and you are restless not able to find the balance. Also, some conflicts with friends or in family can get ugly. You do have capacity to bring all back on track but are missing some inspiration. Trend of randomness is high leading to clutteredness in your thought process which is showing up in your physical existence. Best what you can do is to pick up things one by one, however small it may seem, key lies in getting started somewhere.

You seem to get obsessive this week and shopping, traveling, partying or eating, some aspect seems to be getting enlarged beyond a point. Rigidity in your nature can also mean that you are not paying attention to what your loved ones are trying to tell you. Listen to them, and don’t become isolated. Your sensitive ego can create many hassles in times to come, so speak and act with sense and don’t neglect people who really matter. Spend wisely.

Slowdown is seen in your work life and you can feel less motivated in general. Though lot of fun and pleasure moments are aligned in this week. Much socialization is seen but internally you are prone to anxiety. Open up yourself with someone you trust, don’t take burden of your overwhelming emotions all alone. Its fine to take break and relax for a while, just don’t miss the balance altogether. Moderation is the keyword for you this week. Keep a check on your random expenses as well.
Your week seem to be healthy and filled with all sorts of joys. Travels, appreciation at work and support from loved ones with some gifts and financial gains coming your way as well. All you need is to remain aware and not get too causal in your approach. Also in important matters keep your alternative plan ready as probability of last minute twist is very high in these times. Don’t lose ethics and dignity even in most compelling times. Gentleness in needed when dealing with elder members of family.

You seem all charged up and your approach is dynamic now which indeed brings much to you. Your own ideas, gut feeling coupled with desire to act is best highlight of this week. Your health though needs some attention. Also you need to remain aware of people who have negative intentions or don’t like your approach and rise. It’s the week where much seems to happen behind your back which can impact you adversely. So be as conscious as you can get while you are busy achieving your goals and having fun in life.

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