Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 13th - 19th November 2016 ]

Its week from where you need to remain careful about many aspects, like people you work with, their hidden agendas, environment of politics and other similar complexities. Your health and more importantly your inner peace can get disturbed and you can feel tremendous pull of many new thoughts. Battle lies both at personal level and with external world and key lies in organization. Plan your day, don’t give attention to every thought and choose to trust people after weighing all pros and cons.

Situation improves at work and your health too become much better. Main area where you need to focus well this week is your personal, public and professional relationships. How you deal with people, the way you talk and expect from others seems to be the most troubling area. Keep a check on your ego and most important message this week is to remain aware about your integrity and maintain ethics in every situation. Be gentle with people who matter to you. This is important to realize as soon as you can. Trend of travel opens up strongly.

This is much better week from where improvement starts for you in multiple areas. Though your health remains vulnerable, you feel confident and many troubling thoughts vanish, or rather to put in right perspective, you come to ease with situations and try to find a way out without making a hype. Best part is your love life and you are sure to receive much love, attention and even pampering. You will also get a chance to see ugliness that lies inside you, don’t run away, its amazing opportunity to redefine what you are and what you stand for.

This is the time when you gradually come to terms with how your world appears and what it needs from you. Your health improves and so does the work atmosphere but in times to come there can be some twists and new developments coming up for you. Highlight of coming times is immense contradiction within you as some matter/s can divide you internally. Essence of these times is that its all about battle inside, which can take quite some time to settle down, rest you will manage smoothly.

This is the week of your comeback, gradually you settle down within self and your confidence, feel about self and attitude all become better. Your lower ego and qualities which came to surface in recent past will now start to disappear, because you make sincere effort to gain your real self-back. You strongly re-prioritize your life and your focus would be primarily your family and then your work, which would fall in place in times to come. Most important thing is to pick up those small thoughts arising from deep inside about where you need improvement.

This is very welcome week for you as many of your financial, family life and personal level confusions fade away. Trend of travel starts for you and you come out of your limited self and now are ready to face the world as immense externalization of your energies occur leading to travel, intense socialization, work related hectic schedule and many similar situations where you will remain totally engrossed. Your health and ability to think logically also improves. You should now move ahead and implement your plans, make a start now.

You realize many things as you move out of phase of self-indulgence and grip of inferior ego reduces. There would be situations in family where you will need to intervene and whether you like it or not you have to make some decisions of long term impact. Be gentle with your family members and you need to rise above self and make some possible sacrifices. Put others above you and don’t waste time and energies in protecting your views and proving yourself right when reality can be totally different which you would realize in times to come.

This is the week for your rescue. All your missing energy and motivations makes a powerful comeback. Your health finally comes out of all sort of complications and times ahead will bring much vitality. You are sure to feel awakened, being pulled by many new goals and new desires are seen to born in you. Passion defines these times for you, though you need to keep detaching yourself with doubts arising now and then. Also, be ethical, and maintain your integrity in whatever you say, do and commit. This is important.

There are many tasks which will make you very busy and requiring your money as well. There can be big decisions being taken now which will need some heavy expenditure which you might not be able to control, but at least make sure everything is for purpose and planned. Travel is seen but again don’t go somewhere to escape the reality, rather plan your break and actually enjoy rather than being numb. Essence of these times is to plan, remain organized and as far as possible stay on purpose.

Extremely welcome week arrives for you. Your work life improves and you feel at ease. There is much socialization seen in times to come though you need to be careful for how you behave, how you speak and how much attention you give to things which are said and done to invoke your lower ego. Let go of emotions which hurt you and don’t stress over any aspect. Good times for fun and for gaining back balance, good health and feeling joy within once you make an intent to neglect what no longer serves you well.

Very positive week for you. Many of your confusions and complications fade away. You feel at ease and your health and health of someone close in family also improves. Your focus now comes on work and you can feel pressurized by amount work or any other aspect related to work. Also, its very important for you not to blindly oppose rules or orders given by your seniors. Move by logic and not by emotion. Maintain ethical conduct and make sure your integrity is protected all the times.

Week of relief comes to you. You will feel at ease as if some burden has been taken off your shoulders. Trend of travel open for you and you would be forced to introspect or situations will be created where you would feel propelled to think long term and review your approach and goals. Most sensitive part of these times is your equation with people at work which can go wrong in a flash. Don’t get into conflicts as far as possible and neglect voices of your inferior ego. Look for logic and don’t take stuff too hard on yourself.

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