Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 27th Nov - 3rd Dec 2016 ]

You feel energized and indeed new life force will be infused in you. This week ease out your life to new levels and time now will pull your attention towards making new plans, introspecting your goals, working on self and rise of new desires is also seen. It’s also time to pack your bags as trend of travels kicks in strongly. Beautiful time for anyone pursuing learning in any form. Creative pursuits too will bring great joy to you. Just remain aware of people who have hidden agendas, they can create obstacles for you.

New developments in family environment are possible and this week you need to maintain your calm. Remember that you need not participate in any panic situation, rather should give support and find solution. Best part of this week is that you receive blessings when it comes to money and other gains and your intuitive wisdom is there with you if you really pay attention. All you need now is to keep your calm, not lose your senses in day to day activities and generate a scope so you can listen your own inner voice.

This is welcome week for you as it brings new phase of better health, strong sense of belonging to your family and clarity of mind too comes to you. Suffocation of past and in deeper sense, some old karma, is now over leaving you relaxed and all set for future journey. Your health, feel and inner joy becomes much more aligned now. Travels and intense socialization with fun, shopping and many such lighter activities are lined up ahead. So, recognize the subtle freedom and do what makes truly happy.

You are going to get busier and many new tasks, work, new goals and duties appears. You will juggle between many things and remain completely occupied. Though your sense of dedication will be amazing and feeling of joy will emanate from purity of your intentions alone and accomplishment of work will actually not matter to you. Keep neglecting lower feelings, take care of what and when you eat and don’t take some feelings too hard on yourself.

You are now moving into state of calm and new visions become available to your inner mind. This week brings you new insights and your creativity, sense of individuality and desire to improve all reach to new heights. Capture your inner thoughts, the ones which are asking you to raise your standards, improve somewhere, forgive someone and make a new start. This week opens new doors for learning, for finding avenues for inner joy and for starting afresh in your own Spiritual journey.

What a week this is for you. It is new beginning on many fronts. Your health, feel, inner joy and level of confidence all moves up. Most important aspect of this phase is its ability to bring back your focus on things that truly matters. Excessive travels and socialization starts to decline and you focus on family, career, your home and on your personal growth. Celebration like atmosphere in family and some happy events/news is also lined up. Enjoy this consolidated phase as you move towards your core.

You learn from what you see, what you listen and how people behave around you. This week brings in such avenues for you where your surroundings, your friends, your family, your workplace and people with whom you interact will subtly give you directions. Contrast you receive in these times will bring clarity in you. Good week for creative pursuits, for travels and for healthy socialization. When your loved ones offer you advice, accept it whole heartedly, this time Wisdom is going to come through external mediums, just be very receptive.

This week brings in new orientation for you. You are now in mood to take new decisions, at least inside your mind. You want to give structure to some raw emotions and also to some of old desires & goals. This is good time to define rules, your path ahead and how you want to proceed. Your family and people close to you are your support and trust your inner voice as well and continue your plans. Your self-esteem, feeling of belonging and sense of individuality all moves to new high. Enjoy the new alignment.

Things improve gradually for you. There have been many expenses, loss of enthusiasm and dullness in and around you in recent past which all begin to get better now. Listen to what people in your family and your close friends tell you, their advice will guide you in healthy way. Neglect negative thoughts, tendency to see obstacles and giving up easily. Take inspiration and give attention to what you want. Time become better for love life and relationships in general.

Watch your energies, your attention and how and where you are spending your time. This week brings trend of huge outflow of your time, energy and resources which needs careful monitoring to prevent excessive loss. Travel and fun trend opens very strongly and going on long travels, vacation, religious trips and alike are seen now. Don’t try to suppress everything and its now necessary to speak up what you feel and want. Its best to be sensitive for needs and emotions of others, but you really cannot afford to neglect your own genuine emotions now whose accumulation can lead to many complications.

New trends set in. You travel, you meet many new people and old friends and renewal of bonds is highlight of this week. New goals, desires and directions emerges in your consciousness but you can find it resistive to act about them. This is phase for rise in inner joy and many of your old troubles start to fade away. Even if you do not find direction immediately, conserve your dreams and remain hopeful. When you really hold on, you are sure to find ways as well. Good times for fun and deriving joy in small things.

This week brings consolidation to your efforts and new developments at workplace will create positive environment. You now get chance to perform at your best and indeed will get focus. Your efforts, style and approach will be noticed and even rewarded. This is also phase for enhanced socialization and many of your old contacts and well-wishers contribute in their own way. Good times for family life, for focusing well on core issues of life and for your own personal growth as well.

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