Monday, 7 November 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 6th - 12th November 2016 ]

This week you need to work on your lower qualities and make sure you are not escalating any small issues owing to your sensitive ego. There seems to be aggression, regrets and frustration in certain aspects which can also involve your partner and family. As far as possible deal situation with calm and think of long term consequences. At work, it is better atmosphere and possibilities of rise, appreciation and growth are many. Travel and fun goes on parallelly for you and you are not in mood to mourn any aspect.

There is some strong support coming to you this week as your health improves and also you get some support from partner and situations start to get in your favor at work as well. Remain aware of issues with people though. At work, especially where your lower ego can interfere very strongly. At the moment, you are trying to gain balance but external situations and people can bring obstacles in the way you want things to be. Patience is key for you and don’t give up too soon.

This is challenging phase for you as you can see much negativity coming to you from many directions. First and foremost is your health which seems low and needs top priority and your workload can also irritate you. Your thoughts are troubling you and its best to move on as quickly as you can as sticking to any aspect will frustrate you to the core. Work with detached sprit and don’t expect much from others and nothing substantial seems to come in these times from external sources. Relief will soon enter though in times ahead, till then, walk alone.

You feel as if you are thrown out of your dream world and must face reality which can seem too harsh to you. You need to fulfil some duties, tasks which can seem daunting to you and its your spirit which seems rough and resistive. Your health too can swing to low at times in this week and matters of family can also irate you. As far as possible avoid arguments and escalating issues. Try to focus on your pending work and not get involved in unnecessary things. Be calculative in where you should spend your time and energies.

Trend of travel and externalization of your energies find a pause and you now try to focus on yourself and your family. Your aggression and bluntness needs moderation. Presently your lower qualities can come out too soon even from slightest provocation, so as far as possible avoid arguments and escalating issues as they can go far. Set your priorities and think of long term. You do have that capacity to think logically and put things in right place, it just need higher intention and effort to leave ego stuff.

You move out of your comfort zone and now much externalization of your energies is seen. Trend of travel and intense socialization is seen with mass connect and level of connectivity with people in your life and in work increases. It’s the week where your dynamism increases and you need to make extra effort. Control of sharpness in nature and bluntness in attitude needs strict monitoring as it can spoil much of your efforts. Spend only when necessary and its extremely important to plan your daily finances and not take any critical decision pertaining to family or investment now.

Its week where your attitude and how you actually bring out your inner feelings will define many things of long term impact. Your lower ego and many negative qualities can come to display in a flash, even surprising you where they were hiding till now. Take a pause when speaking, think long term and put yourself last and other first. In your impulsiveness, you can neglect much which you will need to repent later. Financially, a welcome week and at work you can perform like a star once you decide to do so.

More power comes to you in this week. You feel better and will get appropriate platform to display your emotions and you should indeed free yourself from all such mess which you have accumulated in your subconscious mind. Say it, express it, clear it and move ahead. Financial burden decreases, trend of losses and mental pressure ends partially and now it all depends where you set your intent. Avoid socialization until necessary and its best to focus totally on core priorities of your life. Once you feel stable within, you can externalize your energies thereafter.

Its pretty mix week for you with love, attention, gifts and many sorts of gains coming to you but at the same time you can still lack satisfaction and search for something more can make you dry and lost. You should keep channels of communication open and not let gaps, assumptions or any emotion pile on within you. As far as possible, be vocal, be clear but in very humble tone and your way of saying and doing things can overshadow all of your genuine intentions. Trend of travel starts and socialize when necessary and don’t judge people too fast.

Socialization travel and break from work keeps you much engaged and you will be found in your own world. At present, you are in mood to relax, turn your attention away from issues of your life and enjoy your present, which indeed will bring relief to you. At work just maintain your usual routine as change in attitude, pointing mistakes of others and initiating conflict can get escalated too far. Its time to chill out, take healthy break and get refreshed. Just don’t do or say or expect different things in these times and you will continue to sail easy.

This is welcome week for you. You get decisive on many areas and events start to get in your favor gradually. Keep patience, now wind up has started and you will be able to get back on track soon. Trend of excessive travels stops and you find time and opportunities for working on core pillars of your life. Your family and friends become your rock-solid support. When people disagree with you and things don’t go as per your plan, don’t lose your cool, its not denial for you, change of attitude or plan will still make things work for you.

You feel ease at many levels. Your work load decreases and many people come for your support which makes you feel secure. Trend of travel opens for you and you now need to plan your career, your goals in bigger perspective. You will get inspiration and situations to think and plan long term and new ideas and goals emerges in your consciousness. Taking care of health and health of parents is necessary, rest this week looks dynamic and you can literally move in leaps and bounds once you set your priorities right.

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