Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Sunday Sip [ 25th - 31st Dec 2016 ]

Watch out your attitude at work and don’t become too causal or too touchy with your coworkers. If nothing extra ordinary, just maintain normal attitude. This is week to have much fun as you enter in phase of intense socialization. Just keep your focus well and don’t neglect your duties. In its essence, this week needs moderation and balanced approach from you and in turn is ready to bless you with fun, friends, gifts and quite exciting events which will raise your adrenaline levels.

Caution from people close to you, especially at work and their hidden intentions is need of this week. Also, its very important to think many times and in broader sense before you take any important decision or committing any promise. Keep your inner eyes open and awake. Hold on those random and impulsive thoughts and desires. Essence of these times is to delay your reaction in matters with matter. Take care of health and whenever possible, draw bigger picture in your mind for better clarity.

This week will test you many times, in terms of your approach and by drawing your attention on things and events which can misaligned you for a while. Gradually you gain balance after experiencing much randomness. What you need is to delay your reaction, not jump into action mode immediately. Take time, think and whenever possible try to see broader picture. What you are drawn to, if that make sense to you when you take yourself in future, then keep doing it, else hold on. Take care of your health in much more proactive manner.

This week brings fun, traveling and many get together. Though you need to be cautious on many points. Maintain your views and keep aggression under check and as far as possible don’t get into controversial debates as your inner state is highly flammable right now. Also, what you eat, when you eat all needs balance. Party as hard as you want to, but neglecting your health and signals of body can cost you heavily. So, enjoy with sense of responsibility with yourself. Love and support from your family will keep you rooted.

You continue to work selflessly giving more and asking less. Your spirit, level of energies all are inspirational at the moment. What you need to keep in mind is not to get influenced by anyone, rather its best to remain motivated by things which genuinely appeal you. Give more space to your partner and not assume or suppress any discussion. Also don’t get trapped in past or mourn any aspect. Amount of joy that is present in this week depends entirely on how much you are focused on today.

This is good week for deriving joy and phase of socialization seems to get started. Just make sure you are not neglecting any aspect and are as moderate and balanced in your approach as you can. Times to come also show increased work load, so prepare yourself mentally for it. Take more time to take decisions, in arriving at decisions and in judging people. Moderation in all aspects is your best guard for this week. Also, take care of your health and don’t bring tension of work back home.

You continue to derive much joy from your family and there are many pleasure moments in this week. Very gradually your focus shifts to self and times ahead shows focus coming on some serious aspects where you will feel like taking decisions. Take up things for introspection, but take more than usual time for arriving at decision. Socialization continues but make sure you don’t show your raw feelings to anyone. Filter out your emotions. Take care of your eating habits and also maintain honesty and ethics in your work life.

Pressure inside you leading to ferocious approach is going to become mild gradually in this week. You gain balance and support from your family and close ones is going to make all the difference. Some happy events and celebrations are also seen giving you much joy. You feel stable and enjoy your life in best possible way. Better atmosphere at work is also seen with new & positive circumstance arising, moving you to level next. Practice restrain in spending, in giving commitments and in arriving on conclusion.

This is good week where you are into many things, you remain busy. Meeting with friends, shopping for self, love from family and friends all are aligned in this week. Highlight of these times is enhanced socialization where you move out of your comfort zone and apart from fun, also take some serious responsibilities. As you still lack clarity in your mind, its important to share your thoughts with people you trust. Think and act under guidance, rest this week is filled with joy.

This week seems pretty good for you as you continue to derive joy from your social life and family, friends are your support. Its good time for matters of your love life. Gradually you move into phase of decisions and taking some stand with involvement of your family members is seen. Good times for money matters and for pampering yourself as well. Patience is something that you still need in bounty as there can be delays in decisions from people around you. Just make sure you are not creating ground for any sort of confusions or communication gaps.

Confusions and low feeling in you is now all set to fade and this week starts the process. Gradually you come in driver’s seat and whatever situations has developed in recent past, you try to make peace with them. Time ahead is full of making decisions and taking stand and some travelling is also seen. Though in broader sense, remain patient as complete clarity in all aspects would come slowly and you would be required to spend heavily and frequently as well. So work with faith and patience.

Its time when you lose interest in day to day work and many of you would take break, go on vacations, have intense fun. This is phase for pampering, for meeting old friends and also spending on things you love. This is a phase of renewal of your spirits but its extremely important not to neglect some basic duties and also not go too far in search of joy. Moderation in your eating, in your approach is important. Enjoy but never forget your dignified boundaries.

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