Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Sunday Sip [ 1st - 7th Jan 2017 ]

This week demands sincere approach and sticking to rules. The highlight of this week is need to keep your expressions and communication under check. Say things which are very necessary, else delay your reaction. You can say or do things which can hamper your relationship with your seniors and team mates. This is also good time for socialization, meeting with friend, partying and intense fun is seen but make sure you are not hurting anyone or are not too demanding or blunt in your expectations.

This is the time when attention at work is needed. There could be some new developments occurring which will need your patience. Once you are in control, you can literally seize the opportunity to shine & gather the limelight. If under pressure, of feeling to quit, delay your thoughts and try to work your best in current scenario. Your decision-making power and ability to see things impartially has been blurred right now. Taking care of your health is also needed.

It’s the time when its best to be contained in self and not expect much from others. It’s the phase when clarity would lack in many aspects and taking decision in context of work, family, travel can become messy and you can over/underestimate situation leading to wrong decision. Focus on your health, personal growth and don’t allow other’s views impact you adversely. There could be new developments at work and patience is absolute need of these times. Stay focused in present only.

Despite your efforts and intention, you can miss balance and moderation in many aspects of your life and that’s where lies the root cause of your problems. Health seems a weak area right now and you really cannot be casual in what you eat, your routine etc. Your people relationship too seems at low with some possibility of conflict at work and also workload or complexity of work can annoy you. Stay focused on self and patience is absolutely needed. Don’t burst rather work with dignity and maintain ethical approach throughout.

When it comes to you, your health and personal growth, pattern seems fine. Though what is sensitive this week is your perception and attitude towards others. Your personal and public life seems adversely impacted as your ego and rashness can spoil the environment. It’s necessary for you to remain composed and humble and not impose your thought process and demands on others. Travels are indicated but can be hectic. Take second opinion in critical matters as what you see and feel might not be the actual reality.

This week you need immense patience and caution from your own lower qualities which can overpower your healthy intentions and efforts as well. Don’t get into matters of others unless been asked for and remain strictly focused on work and not on gossip and other superficial aspects. Don’t share your personal information with anyone and give health top priority. Don’t waste time, money and its best to remain calculative in spending your resources.

You are filled with passion and great energy. You feel fresh vibes and being pulled towards new directions. Though you have healthy spirits, but can lack clarity. Spend more time in preparing your plan. Don’t get influenced too soon, you can get easily carried away by anyone or anything that is glittering. Seeing the essence is need of this week. Don’t leave any scope for others to assume things about you. Say it and with preciseness, yet not leaving the element of humbleness. Remain stick to healthy food diet and disciplined routine.

Much fun, socialization and what not, this is good week for deriving joy from your friends and family. Though deep inside you are burning with some desires but are not able to find the path. It’s not necessary to see the whole path at once and all you need is to take one step at a time and not become too restless in achieving your goals. Patience is what you need. Enjoy where you are and remain future oriented. Avoid excesses in your life style.

Its good week for enjoying freely, for traveling and shopping as well. You are seen to pamper self and enjoy company of your friends, though you should remain in your well-defined boundaries and not hurt anyone or speak harshly. Don’t behave causally at work or neglect your duties, your causal attitude can cost much. Also, maintain clear and precise communication with everyone. Once you are committed to your responsibilities and remain gentle in approach, this week is filled with immense joy.

Though Capricorns are generally disciplined about their responsibilities and concerned with their karma, this week needs you to loosen a bit and not take things too seriously. Pattern this week is of randomness where excess work, cheap politics around you and mindless expenses can annoy you. Also, travels are seen but you can feel totally exhausted. It’s not the time to think about your goals and mourn what you can’t control, rather remain in present and let go of all grudges, enjoying what you actually have.

Full of energy and joy, you seem to be enjoying the present phase where you feel light and many joyous moments make you happy. This is good week for matters of love and your passion is on high. At work things look calm at the moment, though not settled yet. This is week for deriving much joy, meeting friends, doing what you love, shopping things which bring joy and pampering yourself. Self-indulgence and socialization are indeed the highlights of this fun filled week.

This is pretty relaxed week, rather this phase signifies your energies being completely scattered. Taking break, going on vacation is still a strong trend. Be cautious at work and don’t let your lethargy or plain casual attitude ruin your image or generate some issue. Stick to ethical ways of working and maintain dignity in your conduct. Self-indulgence is seen heavily and as long as you remain in control, its fine, else moving beyond the point of recovery is also a possibility lurking behind. Let loose and enjoy, but don’t lose your farsightedness

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