1. Dear Vaibhav,
    Your write ups are a literary delight to read. They are so well explained in writing unlike many other unmoderated and sharp readings by other astrologers. Keep up the good work.
    We enjoy reading your write ups. Very informative and knowledge enhancers.
    Wish you all the very best in life.

  2. Dear Vaibhav Ji,
    As per your advice with confidence to wear Pearl & coral has given me results in very short time, which was amazing & can't explain you in words...

    You have clearly suggested that apart from Coral & Pearl no stone will suit you, which was another big confidence from your end. Pearl has given me prompt effects and hope Coral also do the same as i am wearing both.

    Reciting Hanuman Chalisa,Vishnu Saharshnaam & Aditya Hriday Strotra is also the best remedy which you have suggested.....

  3. In general your site is interesting. With regard to Planets in houses, the details regarding Saturn and Jupiter are missing. If you can provide that also then one can have complete knowledge. Sethu

  4. Dear Vaibhav
    Your readings are highly reflective. Really appreciate the chart analysis that you have done for me .
    The comments about Saturn is very very profound in deed. The Sunday sips are very good and relevant. I hope you keep on writing, predicting and advising others for a long time to come. Wish you good health, happy times and hope to keep connected ( and troubling you !!!) for a long time to come !!

  5. Very explorative. Loved reading almost all articles.

  6. I went through the article " Saturn In First House". Really interesting and the quality and the depth is commendable.Please keep it up for the benefit of human beings like us. I appreciate your deep meaningful analysis which can be expressed only by an experienced person.

  7. Dear Vaibhav,

    Being a personal astrology researcher, i really find very few websites which explain this timeless wisdom in such a deep and profound manner. In your articles, one can not only find the basic behavior of astrological entities explained perfectly but also how the results change at different levels of consciousness of the native, which is really fantabulous. "Astrology explained under the light of consciousness" is what really needed Nowadays.
    Keep up your excellent work friend !!
    Looking forward to read and learn more and more from your articles !!

  8. Dear Vaibhav,
    Your website & your approach towards segmentation of different sections based on astrological needs is truly remarkable. Seems like a lot of effort has gone into detailing & touching upon almost all aspects of astrology.
    Request to provide us with the next upcoming Jupiter transit

  9. Dear Vaibhav
    highly impressed from yr articles. need a personalized advice from you.

  10. Hello Vaibhav,

    Thanks for providing me personalized counselling.
    Although I have been a staunch follower of your blogs and Sunday Sips, yet I never had the courage to go for personal reading. Reason being, I always thought it might be too heavy on my pocket.
    One word of advice for readers: Inquire and you will be surprised to know that the packages start from the price of a dinner date. (I opted for the highest package and even that is budget friendly)
    I was very pleased with the chart analysis and the way you explained it to me over call. Know that it is coming from a person who already had his Nadi readings in place.
    However, the best thing I like about your work is (and the reason I opted for counselling, inspite of Nadi readings) your scientific and psychological approach towards astrology.
    Even the nadi chapters had remedies like lighting diyas these many times or going round about a tree this many times. While your analysis pointed the root cause, i.e. my actions and behavior.
    I had already started working on myself reading your blogs on Saturn and post counselling I will be doing so with even more determination. The biggest positive that I have already gained from this is, I am no longer superstitious in matters considering Saturn.
    I wish you all the good luck ;) with your work.
    Eagerly waiting for your Jupiter transit series.


  11. Hi Vaibhav Ji,

    I am glad to get an amazing reading from you and the best part was the new outlook one can be benefited by, while talking to you. It's such a healing experience to talk to you, sir. Especially when you jot down the struggling aspects of a few planets that are helping us, in every way to move ahead in life. I had consulted a few astrologers in the past but none of them even mentioned the Sade-Sati as a struggling period rather they were quite negative about the whole aspect of Lord Shani. I appreciate the way you are helping people with your spiritual outlook towards astrology. And your remedies are quite practical and easy to apply in day to day life.
    Thank you so much, sir!
    May God bless you and your efforts, it is indeed a noble job!

    A note for all the people who wish to get a reading, it is absolutely a satisfying experience to talk to Mr. Vaibhav and his readings will help you give a deeper understanding of your Self. And ultimately, help you in your efforts and work towards improvement.

    Manisha Kandu
    (Freelance writer, Former Radio Jocker - AIR, Mumbai.)

  12. Just one word - FANTASTIC !!

  13. I'm so happy & enlightened for reading your work ***Thank You***

    Please add a donate button for gifts. (I couldn't see one?) (& a search box if possible?)

  14. Your write ups are very good to read & very professionally written.Missing your this weeks forecast. Always look forward to reading it . Keep up your honest readings.

  15. Sir I have been reading your blog and it is very interesting, but the link for personal reading is not working, how to I mail you??? Please send a link or email id. Thank you

  16. Really helpful and insightful reader who has affordable prices (unlike anyone else on the market I have come across). Vaibhav provided me the best astrology reading I have had so far. I have found peace from what he has shared with me. I highly recommend this service. Thank you so much, Vaibhav.