Thursday, 29 December 2016

Year 2017 : Impact on Taurus sign

Expansion realms
This is the year where many positive changes will occur in gradual way. Though it’s important to understand that things will be slow to manifest and most of the positive expansion this year will be of subtle in nature. On gross level lies long term changes in job. This is the year when desire to change job, move up or change the work line itself will arise and the time in particular after September would become perfect for manifestation of this change. Time between September to December this year is good for change, rise, promotion and deriving strong gains as financial rise is also a positive highlight of this year. In fact, when it comes to finances, many unexpected sources would open up, getting rise in work, getting huge sum in inheritance, gains from your own investments, or anything which you have worked on in past in conscious manner would give results this year in context of finances. This is also good time for pursuing education though it would require immense hard work and only sincere approach towards studies would give expected results. Time is also good for foreign travels, particularly in later months from September onwards. Creativity would also rise but in very subtle way which would need you to recognize inner whisperings much more patiently.

Time between July to October also favors blossoming of new relationship or moving to next level but this would be possible only if indicated strongly in your own time patterns as well. Inside this time window, many changes of positive nature can be expected and eligible ones can also expect to get married. For the ones waiting to plan for family life, these months are good to go ahead. Recognition in work, fame, good will, travels and greater connectivity with people is also part of this year, particularly till October this year. You will need your inner eyes totally open to see how things which seem absurd in beginning turn out to be blessing in disguise later-on.

Winds of change
When it comes to restructuring, changes and challenges, this is the year which will test you intensely and is here to bring long term impact in almost all areas. Saturn in transit will move to your 8th house from Moon which is considered to be the time when old karma comes to surface and destiny overtakes your intentions and efforts in certain matters. The second half of this year would have Jupiter in sixth and Saturn in eighth house, typical placement where some of the events manifest in accordance to your will but most of them come from Divine plan which can be hard to digest at first but all happens to dig in your karmic bucket, for deep clean up and relieving you of your karmic baggage. Now turning to specifics, this is the year to pay attention to health as health issues which are neglected or occurred earlier can make a return asking for undivided attention. Health of your family members, elder ones and father in particular will need attention as well. Job changes are indeed strong highlight of this year, but can come through very messy phase initially which can test you skills, patience, ethics and how far you can remain composed under adverse situations.

Indeed, it’s the right place to spell the essence of this year for you, it’s the year of grand restructuring in work, for crumbling down of unnecessary and for seeing the ugliness of people, or to say their true face. It’s the year for complete cleanup. Time between Feb to June and moths of April-May in particular, can see some relations failing or rotten bonds coming to end. Many people leave your life, for the better. Intense politics at work, mindless conspiracies and dull atmosphere at work along with work-family life balance ,all are areas which would demand your attention and would leave long lasting impact for future.

Potential lessons
Indeed, this is the year of countless lessons for you. You see many changes happening around you and very broadly the first half of year stands for giving tests, facing obstacles, recognizing true face of people, leaving the rotten bonds and emotions behind while second half gives you relief, bring you rewards for your hard work and make you grow in work, gives you greater freedom to act and also bring much prosperity. In the process, you learn a lot and potential areas where you can gain much are your people relationships. You see how relationship work; true and ugly realities can even tarnish your soul. Also at work after a long and tiring phase, you learn what works for you, what skills needs to be added, what traits needs to be dropped and how to deal with people, especially the political ones. You Taurus people have enormous attachments and your very own comfort zones everywhere and this is the year when you need to move out of these and also learn to let go of some attachments which are no longer serving you or rather are forcing you to remain lost in vicious circle. Though learned in hard way, this year will also teach you importance of your elders and parents, make sure you act on time and don’t neglect signals beyond point of no return. Making health as your priority, handling resources in calculative manner and working despite low spirits, these are some lessons which can seem too hard, but is part of bigger plan this year.

Spiritual journey
You move, and move decisively when it comes to your very personal evolution path. Here time till August end is brilliant and genuine aspirants can hope to take a giant leap. Intense Spiritual practices, interests in mantra-tantra-meditation and other occult phenomena rises and your indulgence is clear this year. This year brings some deep insights and after going through much in various aspects, it’s natural for your consciousness to expand which indeed occurs. The momentum generated in first half of year will be tremendous and in fact is needed much as second half seems to slow down your inquisitive powers .On outer level some religious trips are possible, but this year has more to do with qualitative aspects where rituals really are not required and you remain busy, unconsciously mostly ,in exploring more meaning of events around you .Brilliant year when it comes to unraveling your latent powers and for moving ahead in Spiritual world by shedding the dust that your soul has gathered from endless purists of physical world.

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