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Dhan yogas : Planetary combinations for wealth in a horoscope-Part 2

In continuation with the earlier post, let us consider some more factors which contribute to the wealth .The role of owner of 2nd house is of great importance, though whole chart has to be analyzed before reaching any conclusion, some general traits can be laid out by seeing where owner of 2nd lord sits in chart:

  • In 1st house: A suitable position, native earns through self-effort.
  • In 2nd house: Wealth comes to native without much effort and native is generally lucky in financial matters.
  •  In 3rd house: Native earns through his initiatives and is on the move continuously.
  • In 4th house: Good position .Native earns through property and inheritance.
  • In 5th house: This is quite favorable position, native earns through applying intellect.
  • In 6th house: Native earns through service and competition and can make good broker .It will require consideration of other factors too.
  •  In 7th house: Money from wife and earning through business/foreign lands.
  •  In 8th house: Lot of wealth if 2nd owner is strong, inheritance, property is visible.
  •  In 9th: Native is lucky and acquires much wealth in life.
  • In 10th-Very good yoga, it creates the relation between profession and wealth, which is always desired.
  •  In 11th house: Extremely good situation, native earns greatly.
  • In 12th house: It can mean either more expenditure than income, or else can imply earning in foreign lands.

Also the position of 2nd and 11th lord in navmansa should be analyzed along with navmansa chart as a separate chart too.

Raj yogas of different type though deserve separate and detailed discussion, it be will worth mentioning some of the Raj yogas that will uplift financial status of native:

1. Panch Maha Purush Yogas :

Jupiter /Venus/Mercury/Mars/Saturn in angle i.e Kendra in chart in their signs or their exalted signs. These Rajyogas provide fame,strength and immense wealth to native.
Jupiter : Sagittarius/Pisces/Cancer

2. Chandra-Mangal yoga: Conjunction or opposition of Moon and Mars generally bless native with much wealth.

3. Adhi Yoga : Jupiter ,Venus, Mercury in 6th/7th /8th house from Ascendant/Moon. This yoga gives great power to native along with wealth. This yoga can have many variation, we will discuss it later sometime in details.

4.Other famous yogas such as Neechbhang rajyoga,Kahaal yoga, Vipreet rajyoga ,Lakshmi yoga too bless native with great amount of wealth. These all Rajyogas deserve detail attention and discussion.

In charts of wealthy individual often we see many rajyogas operating,wealth yogas repeat in divisional charts too ,2nd/11th lords have great power and strong planets aspects or occupy 2nd/11th or other prominent houses in horoscope.

As an example chart, Angelina Jolie has much strong yoga for wealth in her chart. Her 2nd house owner is Sun is it is placed in 11th house, 11th house owner is Venus, which is in 1st house, so a relation between 1/2/11 is formed, a classic wealth yoga. But stunning aspect of her chart is combination of Jupiter, Moon and Mars in 9th house. This combination is actually a combination of 1st/5th/9th lord that too its happening in 9th house, this is a typical Lakshmi yoga which bring great fame and wealth to native . Vedic astrology have standard rules concerning various areas and chart of Angelina is a testimonial salute to the wisdom of ancient seers.

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