Monday, 5 August 2013

Moon in 12th House

Moon placed in twelfth house is an extremely sensitive placement and will need cautious study .We should always see this placement in context of Moon’s relationship ,if any, with other planets in the birth chart.

When Moon do not form any connection with any other planet in chart and lies all alone in twelfth house, results might manifest in many ways ,each requiring deeper probe in early stages of life and impact of events experienced during childhood .One might become quite shy and introvert and in extreme cases, can be a victim of inferiority complex .Individual feels blocked in terms of emotion and to stress his individuality in public becomes an uphill task .In such cases any event or in-fact series of events during childhood leaves lasting impact on subconscious mind which inhibits the emotional growth and Self belief .Such people are extremely sensitive to any form of advice ,criticism and often react in most defeating manner .These traits though are extreme ones  and will be modified immediately upon getting aspect from benefic planets in a chart.

The aspect of Jupiter on such Moon is a welcome factor ,such persons will be restlessly involved in the process of Self improvement .Prospects of their growth comes from the fact that they do acknowledge their problems and after initial hiccup ,become committed to work on the affected areas .With the grace from Jupiter, such persons can become quite active in areas of Self healing through many traditional as well as modern techniques .These people will do brilliant in their later stages of life as they become too receptive for giving and receiving knowledge and their own experiences makes them tremendously mature and heavy weight. Such people will excel in foreign lands rather in their own country.

Association or especially sight of challenging planets will accentuate negative or rather difficult characteristics of Moon here .Such people tend to fear a lot from imaginary things ,or from the future ,in short with the things or events which have no physical existence yet .Whatever be the overall planetary picture ,with Moon in twelfth house, gaining control over one’s emotional well being becomes a matter of internal struggle and much effort goes to find a balance and establish lost faith in Individuality .In some of the charts this placement can mean love for Divine and one can dive deep into the ocean of Universal consciousness in sessions of meditation and similar practices in the search for more meaning in life or even in quest for Self Liberation.

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  1. My son has moon ib 12th and Sun in 8th house. Gemini ascendant.. other planets r well placed mostly
    I dont know how to interpret this

  2. 12th house moon in Aires. Conjunct 6th house sun in Scorpio. Trine 7th house mercury in Sagittarius, opposite 5th house venus in Libra. Trine 7th house jupiter in Sagittarius.

  3. I have a 12th house moon in Aquarius.... my work is my passion leading groups toward their own spiritual freedom and enlightenment.

  4. I have moon on my twelfth house will moon thisa do any good?

  5. I have moon in pisces the 12th house could be the reason I love astrology and abstract topics, theoretical science, spirituality and anything that involves oneness with the divine.

  6. This information is very useful... thanks for sharing......
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  7. Even though a very bad placement, you tend to put it in a very non biased way, unlike many other fatalistic interpretations. Reading your articles do actually help me realize the truth, plus lessen the load as well. Good job sir

  8. I have moon in leo sign and twelth house. And excalted moon in navamsa 9th house. How does it interpret for the madahasha of moon

  9. I have Moon in my 12th with Rahu. Jupiter is in 5th.I am a scorpian. My emotional stress is unbearable.Is there a remedy for this?Please help!