Monday, 22 July 2013

Sun in 3rd House

The third house vibrates quite well when a strong and healthy Sun is placed in it. This house in its deeper implications means the urge of an individual to express his creativity in society and this will include communication on various level ,development and continuity of social relations .When a favorable Sun is placed here, native gets immense vitality in his personality and his motive in life becomes quite clear to him right from early stages of his life .Schooling will not be smooth and one will always feel as if there is or was much more that could have been explored in terms of potential.

The well placed Sun here blesses one with extremely sharp creative skills and under its influence one can write well ,can enter world of journalism or else can become great orator .People having Sun in third house do very well in advertisement ,social media ,mass communications and travelling jobs .Inner nature of Sun is always to expand the Spirit in various fields to gain supremacy and establish Individuality in most unique form ,hence there is acute desire in one to be recognized and heard within immediate environment .The relationship with immediate brothers and sisters will be quite unique ,within society one will boast of their siblings and will take great pride in talking about them ,but inside there will be a sense of rivalry with them ,a feeling of being competitive with one’s own siblings .State of Sun will play the key role here ,if in friendly signs then competition will be healthy ,but when this Sun lacks strength or else if afflicted ,this emotion takes dark shape and low level feelings of jealousy comes into picture ,in esoteric sense such ill placement can completely deny the birth of younger co-born under the influence of such imposing individuality.

When under difficult circumstances ,such Sun will give weak will power and individual might find it extremely difficult to jump into action or get decisive about any initiative .Positive placement of Sun gives one tremendous energy and best of this position is reserved for the ones involved in physical activities in form of sports .Great athletes can be excepted to born who not only play to win ,in fact they become leaders and motivate the whole team to win in later years of their life .The Spirit becomes supremely charged with energy and as a result such persons like to travel a lot and to establish their Supremacy in society becomes their driving force in life.

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